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Lewis Meline is a medical doctor and expert in nutrition and exercise. He began his education in nutrition and exercise over 40 years ago. At that time, he was in the Air Force and like many other military personnel (and civilians for that matter), he was over-weight and very out-of-shape. Being like this bothered him to the point that he had to do something about it. Not knowing where to turn, he began to study nutrition from text books and any other information he could get his hands on. He was also interested in exercising but didn't know what he wanted to do. After evaluating various ways to exercise, he decided to lift weights and gathered information about it. Some of this information included body building. When he saw the pictures of body builders, he could not believe they were real. How could anyone actually look like that? However, for himself, he just wanted to tone up and concentrate more on strength.
Lewis Meline, M.D.
After a few months of research, he obtained a 100 pound weight set and put together a simple routine that could be done in his living room. Along with this, he began to apply the nutrition information that he had been learning. After a few weeks of working out, he noticed that nutrition was affecting his workouts. This encouraged him to continue to study nutrition and weight lifting to maximize the benefits from eating healthily and exercising appropriately.

Many different athlete's diets were used over the years trying to maximize his nutrition. However, after several years of blindly following the athlete and other diet plans, and using various supplements, he began to notice that the expected results were not being obtained. He wondered why. Was he doing something wrong? Was his diet inappropriate? Was he using the wrong supplements? Was he executing his workout routines correctly? This led him to start investigating what was causing the discrepancies he was noting.

Upon starting medical school, he thought that many of his questions would be answered. However, he discovered that medical school did not address nutrition well and certainly could not resolve the discrepancies he had noted between the expected nutritional results being advertised and the results that were actually being obtained. This was not only the results that he expected for himself, but also from all of the other athletes that he investigated.

This was the beginning of the discoveries that are contained in his book. He spent many years studying several thousand articles and book chapters, and evaluating the new information he was observing until he figured out what the real truth is.  What he discovered has been pared-down to include just the information that you need. You will  understand how you are being deceived, and will be educated on how to use the truth to achieve your best nutrition, and maintain your desired weight and health for the rest of your life.

In his spare time, Dr. Meline loves to be physically active. He continues to lift weights to maintain physical fitness. He also loves to water ski, ride dirt bikes, camp, fish, and do many other outdoor activities with his family.